Teacher Externships: A Pathway for Inspiring and Preparing the Future Workforce


Dr. Marguerite Sognier
Director, Educational Outreach; Director, UTMB Southeast Regional Texas STEM Center


The goal of the UTMB TEX2 Teacher Externship program is to improve student academic achievement and career awareness by providing teachers with a professional development experience enabling them to learn directly from experts in three major Texas Industry Clusters; i.e., Aerospace, Petrochemical, and Healthcare/Research. The program will consist of: 1) a one-day program introduction; 2) one-week Externship experience that includes 40 hours of direct contact with industry experts as well as a 1-day job shadowing experience; and 3) a 1-day post externship wrap up session. By engaging in the Externship experience, teachers will gain experiential knowledge of the skills and academic preparation required for various careers and different career pathways. This knowledge will be used to make relevant career-curriculum connections in class, integrate guest lectures from industry experts to provide career information and role models to students in their classrooms, as well as provide meaningful real-world connections that inspire student achievement and prepare them for future career success. The success of the program will be determined by pre/post tests of teacher career knowledge, pre/post surveys, formative and summative assessments, degree of classroom implementation of career-curriculum connections, and success of dissemination of program outcomes at campus, regional, and state levels.

Administrative Team Members

NameProfessional Title
Dr. Marguerite SognierDirector, Educational Outreach; Center Director, SRT-STEM Center
Mrs. Valerie Blackburnco-Director, SRT-STEM Center

Training Events

Orientation, Reflective Journaling, & PBL 5/19/2018 - 5/19/2018
Summer Day 17/23/2018 - 7/23/2018
Summer Day 27/23/2018 - 7/23/2018
Summer day 47/26/2018 - 7/26/2018
Summer Day 37/25/2018 - 7/25/2018
Summer Day 57/27/2018 - 7/27/2018
Post Event Follow-up10/6/2018 - 10/6/2018


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