ESC Region 3 WeTeach_CS Collaborative


Dr. Sheryl Roehl
Secondary Science Specialist/Science Collaborative Project Director


Computer Science knowledge ensures that students are competitive and adaptable in the labor market, not just for jobs in computer science, but for many occupations that increasingly require “double-deep” skills (those with training and expertise in technology and computing in addition to the skills traditionally demanded by those occupations). In an effort to address the shortage of certified computer science teachers in the state of Texas, the Region 3 Computer Science Collaborative’s grant will work with 30 teachers to help them improve the computational thinking and academic achievement in computer science students and prepare at least 5 of the teachers to be successful on the Texas 8-12 Computer Science Certification Exam. The grant will provide support and training to the teachers through a comprehensive professional development program of a minimum of 60 hours for each participant that will include basic coding and design including incorporating variables and mathematical algorithms and robotics. They will then use these skills to program and build working solutions and connect science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) concepts. As the teachers Code, Design and Build, they will learn strategies to get students asking questions that prompt exploration and conceptual understanding in basic programming, engineering design, mathematics and science. The grant will also provide teachers with materials and equipment necessary to be successful with the program.

Administrative Team Members

NameProfessional Title
Dr. Sheryl RoehlEducation Consultant

Training Events

Orientation1/31/2018 - 1/31/2018
Foundations of Computer Science for Teachers1/9/2018 - 6/29/2018
CoDrone Pro Training3/23/2018 - 3/24/2018
Coding with Dr. Carol Redfield-Days 1-24/20/2018 - 4/21/2018
Coding with Dr. Redfield--Day 35/5/2018 - 5/5/2018
Summer Institute-TI Nspire CX and Rover6/11/2018 - 6/14/2018
3D Printing6/29/2018 - 6/29/2018
Computer Science Summit6/18/2018 - 6/20/2018
We Teach CS 3D Printer Training7/23/2018 - 7/27/2018