University of Houston WeTeach_CS Collaborative


Mr. Andrew Kapral
STEP Director
(713) 743-4383


The University of Houston WeTeach_CS Collaborative (UH_CS Collaborative) will provide teacher professional development to 6th-12th grade teachers in the greater Houston area. Between January and August 2018, approximately 30 participants will receive at least 60 hours of training in fundamental computer science concepts and related pedagogy. Participants will be grouped into three tracks based on grade level and experience teaching computer science (i.e. middle school integration,certification preparation, advanced CS courses). Training activities will include face-to-face sessions led by University of Houston computer science and education faculty, program staff members and master computer science teachers. Participants will also attend statewide computer science education conferences and training. Expected outcomes for this project include preparing in-service mathematics and science teachers to successfully integrate computer science into classroom instruction (middle school integration track), complete certification requirements to teach computer science in Texas (certification preparation), or to prepare current computer science certified teachers to lead Advanced Placement courses in computer science (advanced CS courses track). Teachers will receive stipends to support training activities completed outside the regular school day and materials to support classroom computer science instruction. The primary goal of the UH CS Collaborative is to increase equity of access to computer science courses in the greater Houston area.

Administrative Team Members

NameProfessional Title
Mr. Andrew KapralDirector
Mrs. Heather BrownAssistant Director STEP

Training Events

Uh WeTeach_CS Orientation1/24/2018 - 1/24/2018
Texas STEM Conference 2/1/2018 - 3/3/2018
Integrating CT into K12 Core Curriculum2/12/2018 - 3/13/2018
Foundations of CS for Teachers1/15/2018 - 6/29/2018
WeTeach_CS Certification Prep-All Locations1/22/2018 - 7/31/2018
UH WeTeach_CS Saturday Session I Python and Programming3/24/2018 - 3/24/2018
UH WeTeach_CS Saturday Session II - Data Science 4/7/2018 - 4/7/2018
UH WeTeach_CS Saturday Session III - Visual Analysis4/28/2018 - 4/28/2018
UH WeTeach_CS Saturday Session IV Intro to Computer Networking4/7/2018 - 5/19/2018
UH WeTeach_CS Saturday Session V4/7/2018 - 7/14/2018
LOGO Summer Institute 6/11/2018 - 6/14/2018
WeTeach_CS Summit6/18/2018 - 6/20/2018
WeTeach_CS Deep Dives6/21/2018 - 6/22/2018
UH AP Summer Institutes (CSA and CSP)6/19/2018 - 6/29/2018
UH Integration Track Summer Institute7/9/2018 - 7/13/2018
UH WeTeach_CS Closing Session 7/30/2018 - 7/30/2018
TRC Annual Meeting6/26/2018 - 6/28/2018
Online Courses Related to CS 1/24/2018 - 7/31/2018
We_Teach JAVA7/23/2018 - 7/27/2018
Bootstrap7/16/2018 - 7/20/2018